How to Maintenance Geyser

Geysers of various sizes and prices are now available in the market. It is usually priced per liter. Gas or electric, you can choose whichever winter comes. Blankets are already out of the cupboards of most homes. It is time to sun them before use. A light cold breeze at night indicates that winter is coming. This season is loved by many. But just thinking about cold water while bathing, everyone gets fever. The heating the water before the bath begins. Ariston geyser bangladesh And heating water with gas is quite time consuming. If you are in a hurry that causes problems. And at this time the geyser or electric water heater is difficult. With its help, water can be heated very easily and in less time.

Geysers of various sizes and prices are now available in the market. It is usually priced per liter. Gas or electric, you can choose any type of water heater ariston 10 litre water heater. Although the use of electric geyser is more common in houses or flats. Since geyser is an electrical appliance, be sure to check its safety features while buying.

It is not only winter that requires hot water. Hot water is used for bathing children and elderly members of the family almost throughout the year. And a pair of geysers to get hot water quickly. However, its use is most common in winter. However, ariston 50 liter water heater to use geyser safely, proper maintenance is required. How to maintain the geyser:

1. Modern geysers can heat water very quickly. So one never has to wait for a long time before switching on the geyser and should not. Otherwise the machine may be damaged as well as accidents are likely to occur. And so before use, give time to heat the water for 5-10 minutes, then turn off the switch and use.

2. Keep the geyser temperature low to prevent wastage of electricity. By doing this, the water will heat up quickly and there will be no extra pressure on the machine. Even in this way you don’t have to spend money frequently on geyser repairs ariston geyser price.

3. If your geyser unit is large, check the anode rod inside the geyser. It is used to prevent tank corrosion, so it needs to be replaced every three years.

4. It is important to check the pressure valve at least once a year to check for leaks.

5. Check for any burnt spots between the power socket and the plug. If you notice any burn marks from a short circuit, you can use a miniature circuit breaker.

6. Metal should be used instead of plastic parts. Although the initial cost may be a bit higher due to this, as the metal is quite strong, it will be durable and can be used safely for a long time.

If you have a thorough understanding of the water heater in Bangladesh  geyser installation tips and maintenance issues before deciding to install geyser, you may not face any major problems later on. So, with the help of skilled technicians, arrange the geyser at home before the winter arrives. And spend the winter time safely.

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