5 things to know when using a Water Heater

Water heaters have become an essential part of our daily life these days. They are widely used especially in winter and cold season and help us to survive the cold. Be it for bathing, washing dishes or washing clothes, a water heater makes our life easier.

Although these days it has been largely replaced with solar and electric geysers, many homes still use gas geysers. Gas-based geysers use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to heat water. LPG can be supplied through a pipeline connected to your home or through a gas cylinder ariston geyser bd. Since LPG is highly flammable, safe heater operation requires complete precautions.

1. The area around the geyser

When you are installing the water heater, be sure to leave some space between the appliance and the walls. If the technician doesn’t have enough kernel room to check the water heater parts ariston geyser, they won’t be able to service it or repair it properly. Hire Urban Clap’s expert technicians to get the installation right.

Also, it should be easily accessible if you want to repair or service it. Although some people place the geyser right above the toilet supposedly to gain better access, this actually prevents the technician from easily reaching the appliance. It is best to place it on a part of the wall that has nothing under it and is away from damp areas such as showers, bathtubs or toilets ariston geyser 30 liter. Thus, you or anyone can access it easily.

2. Keep the water heater at an adequate height

Experts suggest that you should install the geyser at least 1.8 meters or 6 feet above the floor. This ensures that the water pressure is adequate and you get a strong flow of water into your tap without a tap.

3. Electrical connections and switches

Make sure the geyser is connected to a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) that cuts the power in case of power fluctuations. This will reduce the possibility of a short circuit in the water heater. Also, keep the switch high enough away from small children but portable instant geyser not too high that you or an adult have trouble trying it on. Now that we know what precautions should be taken while installing a water heater, let’s get to know some maintenance tips.

4. Do not leave the geyser running for extended periods of time

People generally prefer to keep the geyser on for extended periods of time

All morning long. The general idea is that since everyone needs hot water before rushing to work or school, having a geyser saves time. It may have been once but today’s geysers heat water within 5 minutes. Keeping the geyser for extended periods will reduce the life of the device, it makes sense to give it only five minutes before you need it and not half an hour. Regular water heater maintenance can help extend the life of your heater.

5. Large geysers have an anti-corrosion anode rod inside the tank.

This rod attracts rust and other impurities present in the water, thereby preventing the tank from rusting or corroding.

Experts recommend that you check the anode rod every 3 years to see if the outer layer of magnesium has worn away and the inner steel core is visible. If this is the case, the rod needs to be replaced. The rod should also be replaced if it is coated with white calcium silt or if its thickness has decreased significantly to less than half an inch. Geyser ariston 30 ltr price in Bangladesh very reasonable.

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